Besides the incredible journey, cycling, breath-taking pictures, mind-blowing memories and other crazy stuff you’ll be getting yourself into, we cover everything you need. From transfers to the incredible selection of routes, to all those little things you never thought about that will turn your vacation into a luxury getaway.

We craft each of our offers carefully, taking your standards into consideration, because when it comes to travel and cycling, only the best is good enough.

isn’t something
you can recreate
from a guidebook.


Airport transfers

It won’t be a Rolls Royce that picks you up at the Airport. It will be a team van or Sport Director’s car. Joining us is a Pro cycling experience and it starts from your arrival.


Rest is a key element of a cycling trip! Each night you’ll retreat to the best and most comfortable hotels in the region. Our accommodation range may vary from a five-star hotel to a small boutique hotel in a paradisiac landscape.


Nothing different from what our Pro team is riding, it is as simple as that! A large selection of bikes, frame sizes and equipment to ensure that you enjoy your ride to the fullest.


We spend countless hours on our red bikes and no one knows these roads better. Whether it’s a scenic road in the South of France or a hidden single road in Tuscany, you’ll always ride with local guides to be sure you are in good hands.

Food & drink

There is no chance that you will skip a meal or a coffee break with us. Food and Beverage are the essence of cycling. Be sure, that we will refuel your bodies with a delicious and local cuisine before and after the ride, and with sport nutrition during the ride.


Your Guardian Angels. They have ridden the route countless times, tasted the voluptuous shot of caffeine from the café La Pergola in Impugneta and they are always happy to give you a friendly push on the last ascent of a big day.


We know you have the legs, but do you have the gear? Now you do! Born from the Pro peloton, house brand Katusha Sports offers you an unparalleled performance and classy cycling kit. Now it’s your turn to benefit from these products.


A good soigneur can change the destiny of your next ride from crippling fatigue to a yellow jersey fighter condition. They acquired their knowledge from years of experience in the Pro peloton and are more than ready to work their magic, turbo charging your legs.


You might ride on of the most expensive bikes in the world but it is worthless unless cared for properly. Our team of mechanics throughout the season and will be dedicated to you from the beginning to the end of your journey.


We have a bunch of pros in our phone book. Read our trip descriptions carefully, or you might be surprised to see some very special guests.


and last but not least,


We can guarantee you'll leave with new cycling-trip-hungry friends and countless shared special moments and photos to make certain that your KATUSHA Travel memories live on.