Ride bikes, enjoy stunning locations and, most importantly, have fun.

Going on a trip with KATUSHA Travel means having the choice of Pro race tours, luxury getaways and self guided trips.

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Luxury getaways

We offer you the equipment and support reserved for our Pros, with the comfort and service of a luxury holiday. The purpose of each and every aspect of these trips comes down to one thing: to enjoy cycling life and culture at its best. From exceptional service on the bike to a bounty of the best coffee and wine, we’ve got you covered.

Pro race tours

We’re not talking about giving you a number plate to join the Tour de France line-up for 3 weeks of sweat and pain, we’re talking about giving you access to the behind-the-scenes of our Pro team on the major races of the World Tour calendar. You don't have to be the Tour leader to feel like you’re wearing a yellow jersey.


If you are worried about leaving your pack, bring them along. We offer individually tailored group tours to create a once-in-a-lifetime journey. We will create the very best cycling experience for you and your mates.

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From steep climbs in the Alps to the sunny coast of South Africa, we’ll take you there.

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It’s all about your cycling journey and now we will make it one of the greatest experiences of your life.

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